I Help Young People Build Balance Between Their Offline and Online Lives.

Oluwatosin Olabode, a wealth of positive energy! is a Certified Digital Wellness Educator from the Digital Wellness Institute USA. He’s a Nigerian writer, TEDx, and International Speaker, advocate, and member of the Digital Wellness Collective. With over two years writing within the digital wellness theme and over a decade writing on general themes, Oluwatosin is mindfully positioned to spark conversations that birth even more positivity, kindness, and empathy into the world. Being a changemaker at the intersection of both the physical and digital world, he is facilitating ecosystems that promote more humane digital habits geared towards digital flourishing.

He enjoys playing chess and riding a bicycle and connecting with new people. Oluwatosin, a YALI Fellow, is the Founder, and Creative Lead, Doing Healthy Africa- a digital wellness consultancy and advocacy platform dedicated to helping young people build the stamina and technical know-how needed to thrive within the digital world. He is the Founder of, Strengthening Society Today Foundation, an NGO providing intervention in the areas of Suicide Prevention, Guidance and Counselling, and Youth Character Development. He is the Convener of the Emotional Man Group- a platform dedicated to promoting the mental health of men by creating support structures and mentorship in a manner that says it’s okay to be human! Oluwatosin has always been passionate about raising young people that will impact the world and does this by helping them discover and utilize the positive energies within them towards living and leading a transformative.

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Some of The Topics I Discuss


Digital Wellness

Digital Wellness: The importance of building balance to be able to digitally flourish



Who we are- Vision| Mission | Values | Expressions.  I will help you craft them as we explore discovering who we are.


Intention and Attention Management

Can you really say that your intentions and attention are aligned?


Digital Etiquette

I cannot overemphasize the importance of kindness, respect, and empathy within the digital world.


Support Structures and Connectedness

As humans, we were created for social connections. These give us support structures


Productivity & Wellbeing

Neither of these stand-alone- when things are working well for us, it influences our wellbeing positively and when things aren’t going well, it negatively impacts our wellbeing.

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