Beware! Kindness is contagious.

Two years ago, I took one of Prof. Laurie Santos’s courses on the Science of Wellbeing at the Yale University (This is a free course you can enroll for on Coursera, and or pay a small fee for if you want a verified certificate).

There’s a lot of research that shows that while we become happier when we show kindness to ourselves, we are even happier when we show kindness to others. The reason we are blessed is to be a blessing. In the course I shared above, you will find references, context, and examples of these researches. I recommend that you take the course whenever you can- if not for anything, FOR YOUR WELL-BEING.

According to Kindness 101, Kindness is more than being nice; it is a movement. This is so true because kindness creates a ripple effect. Kindness is contagious!

A lot is going on in the world right now… the least we can do is be kind-it costs us nothing while giving us and the world so much.

It is impossible to exist as a society and not have conflicting opinions- kindness is the way to go. If you won’t impact and improve- why do it? We have no idea what people are going through- and even in the magical world where no one is going through anything– we cannot become the reason for worsening and or making their mental health and wellbeing terrible.

 We have the opportunity to be kind to far more people than we can imagine. Let us be known for our kindness!

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