The Concise Guide to Online Etiquette

How to Act with Respect and Kindness in a Toxic Online World.

Technology has completely changed the way we communicate with others. With this new online landscape comes a requirement for a new set of etiquette rules to ethically navigate the online world. 

Whether you are a student on social media, a young professional working an online job, or a seasoned social media warrior looking to improve their manners, this book is for you.

  • Learn my top 10 rules of online etiquette (or netiquette).
  • Find out why we need netiquette in our daily lives.
  • Take note of what not to do online.
  • And, learn to be a better person with your digital footprint and online influence.

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In a fast-paced and ever-changing physical and digital society, how do you find yourself without changing who you are?

We live in a time when there isn’t much we can do without the help of technology. Knowing this is critical because it inspires us to learn the structures that will allow us to thrive digitally as we coexist in the physical and digital worlds.

This book is for anyone looking for a sense of balance: on the one hand, technology is the best traction ever, but on the other hand, it can become a major distraction:

  • Instead of creating your identity based on the platforms with which you interact, learn to discover it.
  • Learn how to craft and stay true to your identity while focusing on your intentions.
  • Set up your environment to support your “intentions,” while minimizing internal and external distraction triggers.
  • Learn how social media can benefit your mental health rather than harm it.
  • And ultimately, learn how to be digitally well in this day and age.

Digitally Well: Structure and Society in the Tech Era

Praises for Digitally Well:

Free Resources

No Gadget


In a world with so much imbalance and distractions- the No Gadget Hangout is a guide to help us refocus our attention on our intentions. What activities can we perform without the necessity of using tech, and how do we leverage on activities that do not require tech at all? Find out in this free resource.

Building & Maintaining a Professional Online Presence


“To be able to thrive in any spare of endeavor, you need a professional online presence. Even when your online presence is solely for social engagements. This free resource will help you to explore why a Professional Online Presence is necessary, especially as it relates to “conversions.”

Non-digital Wellness

To Love Or Not To Love


‘The poems explore human emotions, grasping and dealing with issues that we all know exist but are afraid to address, sometimes even unaware that issues that seem superficial run deep… if you are that person looking for answers in your life to that profound question: to love or not to love, then delve deep into this book. 

Glory Sasikala, author of serenade a moment

When God Falls In Love


When God falls in love is a collection of poems that explore the relationship between god and man; god’s unconditional love and man’s eternal struggle with his failings as a mortal. The poems will touch you – spirit, body, and soul, and rekindle the flame of his love in your heart. “when god fell in love, he didn’t just think it, he acted. His action saved humanity forever and not just his thought.”



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