August 14 / 2021 / 4:00 PM

The No Gadget Hangout Abuja

Human connections are no longer deep and as meaningful.

We live in a superficial world distracted with what we don’t know is distracting us.

Our value structures keep changing across the different ways we communicate.

We are no longer spending time discovering who we are, we are instead creating new identities.

We are losing clarity, confidence, empathy and the vulnerability that makes us human.

Our coping mechanisms are increasingly becoming outside of who we are and less of internally who we are.

Who are we really?

How do we use technology in a way that promotes our optimal health while avoiding the associated harm?

How do we ensure that technology is a platform for support structures for us and not hindering us from getting support structures?


At the No Gadget Hangout- a tech-free face-to-face safe space, where we explore whether our attention often aligns with our intentions as we introduce digital wellness and the beauty of digital flourishing to participants. We would be sharing how to create a tech-free lifestyle as we develop:

  • Our schedules- leveraging on activities that do not require tech.

  • Intention and Attention Management.

  • The power of Identity.

June 19 / 2021/ 4:00 PM

The No Gadget Hangout Jos

We exist in time.

It’s our currency of operation.

Our time together should have value (Personally, Socially and Professionally).

It should be deep, meaningful,  and intentional.


When was the last time you enjoyed quality time without distractions?

Because we now co-exist in the physical and digital worlds, one strong external trigger for distraction is our digital devices. It is important to note that our devices are not necessarily the problem, but our usage therein!

So think about this again; when was the last time you enjoyed quality time without digital distractions?

Remember, as Nir Eyal rightly said, “the only time that is not wasted time is the time we plan to waste.”


Join us at the No Gadget Hangout as we explore what it means to be present, mindful, and productive in all that we do per time.

July 10 / 2021 / 7:30 PM

Pathways to Digital Flourishing

In a world where there is hardly anything we want to do that does not require one form of digital interaction or the other, it is important that we learn the ropes of how to use technology in a way that promotes our optimal health while avoiding the associated harms.

My goal therefor with this training would be to help participants understand how to navigate their digital environment (anywhere that their online presence is) while avoiding the associated harms therein.

Based on the exploration and definition of digital flourishing, participants will:

  • Be able to evaluate whether or not they are digitally flourishing.

  • Be able to practice activities that promote their digital flourishing.

  • be able to help others to digitally flourish too.