The Concise Guide to Online Etiquette

Why Netiquette is Essential in the Modern World

How to Act with Respect and Kindness in a Toxic Online World
Technology has completely changed the way we communicate with others. With this new online landscape comes a requirement for a new set of etiquette rules to ethically navigate the online world.
Whether you are a student on social media, a young professional working an online job, or a seasoned social media warrior looking to improve their manners, this book is for you.

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About the author

Making the world a better place one positive message at a time

Oluwatosin Olabode, a wealth of positive energy! is a Certified Digital Wellness Educator from the Digital Wellness Institute. He’s a Nigerian writer, TEDx and International Speaker, advocate, and member of the Digital Wellness Collective. With over two years writing within the digital wellness theme and over a decade writing on general themes, Oluwatosin is mindfully positioned to spark conversations that birth even more positivity, kindness, and empathy into the world. Being a change maker at the intersection of both the physical and digital world, he is facilitating ecosystems that promote more humane digital habits geared towards digital flourishing.

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Book Testimonials

What Young People are Saying

“I liked the way that Oluwatosin approached the way we communicate and interact in the digital world. I learned about netiquette and the importance of it in our daily online communications. I enjoyed it!”

Vanessa Matsouka
Digital Wellness Expert

“Digital wellness & etiquettes is something I strongly stand by and I think it’s imperative to educate people on this. Brilliant work with this one!”

Aditi Joshi (India),
Founder, Speaking Gray

“I think that The Concise Guide to Online Etiquette is the necessary first approach to digital civism; I believe that Oluwatosin’s analysis measures the tone of online interactions, the risks to which users are exposed, the most exposed generations, and the most frequent cyberbullying trends.”

Victoria Martín del Campo (México)
Tech Philosopher

“Digital safety is a must for everyone in this new age. The different lines of this book have reinforced my knowledge about internet and safety. This book stands as an advocacy for a better world. Its simplicity will definitely be a good tool to be taught to both kids and adults.”

Jean Désiré Kouassi (Côte d’Ivoire),
Digital Marketing Consultant |Digital Wellness Advocate








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