The Concise Guide to Online Etiquette

Why Netiquette is Essential in the Modern World

How to Act with Respect and Kindness in a Toxic Online World
Technology has completely changed the way we communicate with others. With this new online landscape comes a requirement for a new set of etiquette rules to ethically navigate the online world.
Whether you are a student on social media, a young professional working an online job, or a seasoned social media warrior looking to improve their manners, this book is for you.

About the author

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Oluwatosin Olabode, a wealth of positive energy! is a Certified Digital Wellness Educator from the Digital Wellness Institute. He’s a Nigerian writer, TEDx and International Speaker, advocate, and member of the Digital Wellness Collective. With over two years writing within the digital wellness theme and over a decade writing on general themes, Oluwatosin is mindfully positioned to spark conversations that birth even more positivity, kindness, and empathy into the world. Being a change maker at the intersection of both the physical and digital world, he is facilitating ecosystems that promote more humane digital habits geared towards digital flourishing.






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